So we’ve been busy at The Run Beet

It’s been nearly exactly 9 months plus 11 months since I last updated. In short, our world got thrown into wonderful chaos when this happened:

Surprised is not the right word, because no one (at least no one with a solid memory) is ever like HOW DID WE GET PREGNANT?! But, excited plus terrified plus chaos is basically where we have been until very recently.

We knew it would be exciting medically because of all of the bed rest and challenges with our son (now 5!) and daughter (now 3!), but we were not prepared for the extent of the health challenges we would face with this new semi-surprise pregnancy. I did a whopping 4 months of bed rest postpartum, with 14+ trips to the ER after delivery (we lost track). Each health milestone has been hard won.

So, I’m back(ish) in the game, starting from zero, so there is only up from here on out. I will be setting goals to run a half marathon in 2018. I will have a new approach to nutrition which is a science-based and delicious-food based (I work with the amazing Julia Hincman-Francavilla MS, RD, CSO, LDN). Over the next few weeks, I’ll be revamping my recipes and introducing some new yummy ones. Recipes will be heavy on the veggies, with plenty of fruit, whole grains and lean proteins.

Follow along with me and the kids as we go for runs, visit the gym, and find great new recipes for the whole family.



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