On setbacks and finding snapping turtles in duck ponds


I write this while coughing, asthmatically. Setbacks. All. These. Setbacks.

When you get them clustered together it feels like a great voice in the sky saying, Just give up, Maryann! And, Sit on the couch and eat chocolate, Deborah, until the pain goes away! And, well, these options are rather alluring until you realize the long-term effects.

Last night, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, so I ate a vegan scone without “balancing” it out. By balancing, I mean eating an appropriate amount of protein to keep the simple carbohydrates in the baked good from spiking my blood sugar and insulin levels. (To learn about insulin and water retention and weight gain, see this article by the Joslin clinic.) I woke up this morning exhausted with swollen hands, feet, and face.

Setbacks sometimes beget setbacks. Not getting to do what we want, often what we define ourselves by or what makes our heart happy, is at first frustrating and then demoralizing. I think this is how one setback becomes a spiral.

Today, my son and I went to our local duck pond to feed the ducks. Do you see what I see? No ducks. But he never gave up hope, and sure enough after throwing crackers in the water for twenty minutes a snapping turtle two feet across came up and ate all the crackers we had brought. Sometimes, life doesn’t work out how we planned, but it works out anyway.

I joined the Oiselle Volee Team, despite the fact that my training is desperately behind. I realized I had developed tunnel vision. I can probably run next week, and if not the week after. This gives me hope. I also learned a lesson, that all is best when I am taking impeccable care of myself and that maybe it will all turn out ok even if it does not turn out the way I planned.

What setbacks have you experienced in your training? How did you move on?

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