All hail the yummy Kale chips (no oil, low salt, vegan, soy free)

I know Kale chips are overdone–EVERYBODY has a recipe and EVERYONE is selling them at the low, low cost of just $6/Tbsp. Many of you might be over kale and kale chips, because they’ve been everywhere. I get it, but I have have to tell you: I am not over kale chips. Specifically, I am not over THESE kale chips.

These are high in iron, protein, and B-12’s, healthy and delicious. And they are pretty easy to make. The method requires cooking them for about 20 minutes at a moderate heat (300 degrees F) and then basically turning the oven to its lowest setting or just using the lightbulb to heat the oven (or your dehydrator if you’re fancy) and sllooowwwwlllllyyy taking the moisture out of them. This way, they do not need fat to be crispy and they have LOT of that yummy crispy umami taste.

All Hail the Yummy Kale Chips



  1. Combine with kale with the dressing. It should be sopping with it. Spread on a no-stick baking sheet.
  2. Cook in oven @300 for 20 mins. Check and stir occasionally. Turn oven down if you notice any browning. It should look kind of like a hot, gooey mess at this point. You should be questioning my judgement, or looking back over the recipe to make sure you did not double or half something. Do not despair. Keep going.
  3. Methods of cooking from here:
    • Quicker method: Turn oven to 170 or lowest setting. Check every hour or so. Let kale cook for about 4 hours.
    • Easier method: Turn your oven light on, and leave the chips in the oven overnight. The oven will be about 100 degrees with the light on, and they will be either done or very close to done by morning.
    • Fancy Pants: Or use your dehydrator if you’re one of those fancy people. The Run Beet is jealous of your fancy ways.

Final note:

One of the easiest things about this recipe is that you can stop cooking at any time, take the kale chips out, use your oven, and then just stick them back in. Just remember, REMEMBER, to let the oven cool down first. You would have all had this recipe a week sooner, by my batch last week got burned to Hell. I, um, still ate it out of the pan, but it was pretty gnarly looking.


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