The Run Beet is not actually dying of death but she is going vegan

So, update. I ended up in the emergency room twice last week with the dying death of a thousand horrible deaths with stomach pain. It was pretty bad. I’ve had babies and I run long distances for fun, so I know pain. And we’re talking rolling around on the ER floor screaming. It was an enjoyable way to spend a Wednesday and Thursday night.

Long story made short, my stomach and intestines and all other organs nearby had a WILD rager last week (due to stress and my Hashimotos) and swelled up and spasmed. It’s called gastritis and my plan is to make it NOT a chronic condition. Because, ow.

What does this mean? First, it means that I will be easing back into running very, very slowly. #Run2016in2016 may not happen. We’ll see. My stomach is not absorbing nutrients the way that it should, so I’m a hot mess of dehydration and malabsorption of nutrients. Now is unfortunately not a time to put in a 15 miler. It’s a bit heartbreaking.

Second, it means that I had to do a week’s worth of trial and error to see what my stomach could actually handle, and this answer is also fairly bleak: No eggs, dairy, or meat. Sugar and alcohol are absolutely out, as is *sobs* spicy foods. It’s a little flexible, as I seem to be ok with a bite of something with eggs in it, but not an omelette, a bite of steak, a swig of wine, a bite of cookie, etc..
therunbeetpicWhat does this mean for the Run Beet? It means that I will be making a LOT more vegan-friendly recipes. I was vegan/vegetarian for about fourteen years, so we’re not starting form scratch, but I am eyeing Jack Monroe‘s new Vegan Cookbook with hungry eyes as it awaits publication. I’m excited to experiment with new recipes and new types of foods and to learn about nutrient balancing for athletes with a vegan pallet.

This should be a fun journey, and in the meantime, feel free to send me your ideas as well. My husband and the USPS delivery man have both been overwhelmed with the cookbooks coming into the house.  Onwards, as they say.



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  1. I hope the diet changes helps, stomach issues are never fun and yours sounds horrible! I’ve been trying to eat more vegan recently too, lots of oatmeal with almond milk for breakfast and rice, beans, and veggies for the other meals, I need to work on branching out! 🙂


    1. CassaLaCassa says:

      Thanks! I find almond milk hard to digest, so we’re a rice milk or coconut milk family over here. Your breakfasts sound super yummy. xxxxx

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  2. Zilpha says:

    My immunologist has suggested (because of MCS and malnourishment) that I drastically reduce meat and dairy. I’m overwhelmed.


    1. CassaLaCassa says:

      Pretty soon you’ll be left with icec hips and potatoes.


      1. Zilpha says:

        Ugh. If only it weren’t true.


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