On motivation and introducing Princess

I think sometimes Fitness Bloggers talk about motivation like it’s something that just magically happens. Maybe they have a magical Fitness Motivation Fairy come and bless them? But I can tell you that there is certainly no magical fairy over here. Sometimes I wake up and I’m ready for my day. And sometimes I wake up and am face to face with my greatest enemy: Princess.

Let me explain. Running is not the hard part. Motivation is the hard part. This morning I said to myself, OK, self, I am going to put in anotprincessher 10k today on the gym dreadmill because it is cold outside and the children plus the stroller weighs 110lbs and your husband is in f-ing Seattle and you can’t afford ANOTHER babysitter this week and *sobs* you would actually strongly prefer to roll into a ball and cry your heart out while eating nachos LET’S ALL EAT NACHOS ALL THE NACHOS.*

We (ok, my sister and me, but let’s get this to catch on) call that voice Princess. Princess likes to sit around and eat nachos. Princess does not want to run. Princess thinks that you should catch up on your Kardashians and Judge Judy at 2pm. Princess comes up with alllllllll kinds of excuses to not do those things that bring us joy. Princess doesn’t want to be happy, she wants to be comfortable.

Princess will always, always find a reason to not do the things that bring you joy. And that is why motivation is hard. There is no magic fairy (and the Fairy and Princess look *suspiciously alike*). You will wake up some mornings and dread the workouts you have scheduled or tell yourself you cannot run a race you’ve been training months for, and the reasons will mostly be something like, BUT I DON’T FEEEEEEL LIKE IT.

I went for my scheduled 10k this morning, despite my desire to laze around the house while my children became more and more hysterical. Princess wanted a shitty day, but it’s turning out pretty nice.

Motivation is an active decision, and understanding that you will struggle with motivating yourself is the key that gives your the freedom to go out and live your life anyway. Once you realize that Princess is just a voice, a negative, silly little voice NOT your reality, you can ignore her and go ahead with your plans. Think about that. It means that you have already made the decision to go for a run, or to do that race. Princess trying to override that decision doesn’t matter.


*And I would also like a pony and a castle, because there is no way that my children would allow anything of the sort. They’d eat all my nachos, jump on me, and demand Wild Kratts.

7Mqd48CYOriginally from Maine, I am a runner and librarian enjoying my expat life in Marblehead, MA with my two children (1 and 3) and my Seattle-based hubby James. I’m the founder and main media­gopher at the Tatyana and Rory Wingham Charitable Projects and the Marblehead Mums and Little Ones community group. My current fundraising project is #Run2016in2016, a challenge to all runners to log at least 2,016 kilometers in 2016 to raise money for the charity of their choice. You can follow me on Twitter at @CassaLaCassa.

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