Run 2016k in 2016

This year, I am challenging myself, my friend and family, my followers on Facebook and Twitter, random people walking down the street, that lady in the grocery store who just asked where the milk was… EVERYBODY, to run 2016 kilometers in the year 2016 (#run2016in2016). It’s about 24 miles a week, which is very do-able for any amateur runner. #Run2016in2016 benefits the MSPCA-Angell’s Tatyana and Rory Wingham Memorial Dog Scholarship, a fee-waived training scholarship aimed to reduced the rates of recidivism in Boston-area shelters. This scholarship was set up in a partnership between MSPCA-Angell and the Tatyana and Rory Wingham Charitable Project.

This project will include monthly races and trail runs around New England and should be a ton of fun, because I will do each and every one of them dressed like a Disney Princess. You can find out more about what we’re doing, how you can help, and our upcoming events at


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