The run beet: Eat happy, run happy

Welcome to The Run Beet! To start, here is a little Q & A:

Q: Why The Run Beet?

A: Because beets are freaking delicious. And they are super high in potassium, fiber, and protein. And magnesium. And they are funny shaped and look pretty amazing with little running legs. AND BEET GREENS SAUTÉED ARE DELICIOUS (and high in iron).


Q: Your drawings are really terrible.


Q: What will you be posting about?

A: Anything and everything about happy eating and happy running: Recipes, workouts and running tips, interviews with inspirational runners, thoughts about starting and continuing running, new nutrition and exercise science that comes out and is helpful, upcoming major races, gear I love, fangirling moments.

Q: Um. That’s a lot. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

A: Probably. Yet, here I am.

Q: And what are you qualifications anyway?

A: I have an MLIS (librarian) and I’ve been running for twenty years (…feel… old…). My half marathon times are pretty solidly middle of the pack (2:05 is fastest), and I run about 25 miles per week. In 2016that will be more like 30-35 miles as I train for my first marathon. The fastest I’ve run a mile is 5:45 and the fastest I have run 5k is 19:20, but I was 16 and I don’t think I can gloat about that anymore. I am not here to tell you how to be the fastest, most elite runner. But I can point you in the direction of those who can. CLASSIC LIBRARIAN LINE, THERE.


Q: Why “eat happy, run happy”?

A: Food and our relationship with food, as runners or potential runners, can make or break our efforts. And how we approach running and exercise can make it an enjoyable hobby, or a punishment with standards to which we may feel we can never live up. I see many people decide they don’t deserve to devote themselves to running or exercise, or decide they don’t deserve to have good nutrition, whether that means that they over train or don’t train, overeat or don’t eat enough. I am here to be a positive force, a librarian-cheerleader perhaps, in favor of healthy habits and happy thoughts.

Q: Do you do this all by yourself?

A: Ha! Hardly. The Little Beet, aged 3, is *currently* making me play a game with him called “Throw the Flying Block and Whack it with a Pillow While Screaming.” If you are reading this and thinking that it sounds like whomever wrote was simultaneously also playing a wild game with a 3 year old that involved multiple props and sound effects, then you would be actually quite perceptive. As I was typing this, he put a bunch of bananas on my head and yelled, “BANANA HEAD, MAMA! BANANA HEAD!” Now, The Littlest Beet, 1 year old, is gnawing on my leg while holding a copy of “Are you a Cow?” I have a TON of assistance.

Q: Are you, like, built like a runner?

A: Yes, I am! I have a body and I run. And those are the two main requisites for being a runner. More on that later. Or, you can read it now: How to Have a Runner’s Body by Cassie Watt aka The Run Beet

Well, I am now being fully attacked by both the Littlest and the Little Beets, and that is my cue to call it quits for the day. See you tomorrow, when I will be posting… RECIPES and a little bit of advice.


-Cassie aka The Run Beet

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